False Loan Certification

If your school falsely certified your eligibility for a loan, this section may pertain to you.

Am I eligible?

If your school falsely certified eligibility for a loan, you may qualify if you received your loan on or after January 1, 1986. Here are some of the scenarios:

False Certification due to Unauthorized Signature

A school official falsely signed the borrower’s name on a loan application or master promissory note, which resulted in the borrower not benefiting from the funds.

False Certification due to Ability to Benefit

A school admits a student even though the student did not meet the requirements of admission. In this instance, the borrower did not have the ability to benefit from the education received.

Disqualifying Status

The student is unable to meet the legal requirements for employment in the student’s state of residence in the occupation for which the program of study was intended due to age (upon completion of training), physical or mental condition, criminal record, or other reason. This disqualifying status must have existed at the time the loan was issued.

How much am I eligible for?

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible to receive up to 100% of your federal student loan discharged.

Which loans qualify?

• Stafford loans
• Grad PLUS loans
• Parent PLUS loans
• Consolidation loans

How do I apply?

To apply for this type of discharge:
Fill out this form for the false certification due to unauthorized signature and submit to your loan holder.
Fill out this form for the false certification due to ability to benefit and submit to your loan holder.
Fill out this form for the disqualifying status and submit it to your loan holder.

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